Packing and more packing

If you know me at all you know I am not much of a cook and I don’t need much variety in my meals on a day-to-day basis in general. So you would think packing food for 3 months wouldn’t be so bad then?!?!?! No! It’s so much harder! I have been playing around with the idea of packing meals for every town then to just the ones I needed to then to most towns and now I’m going to do about 12-15 boxes out of the 20 total town stops on the PNT and see where that leads me!

Here is a little of what my packing process looks like! I have been full aware of how hard this part is and I still struggle but I am lucky to have great friends and family to help me get it done! As of right now I am planning on having full boxes for every box I create for each resupply town.

There are 4 places out of 20 I have to send to since there is absolutely no way to resupply from those towns. Those are:

1.Polebridge Mercantile in Polebridge, MT (the very first stop at mile 55.2)

2.Yaak Mercantile in Troy, MT (mile 190.8)

3.Bonners Ferry, ID this town is just far from the trail and is hard to resupply and rest at the same time so its easier to just mail and get your rest (mile 261.1 15 miles from the PNT)

4. Ross Lake Resort, Rockport, WA this town is very remote and you have to mail 1 month in advance to make sure you package will even be there! (mile 736.9)

I now have a good itinerary as well to know more accurately where I will be when which is super awesome! If I go slower or faster I am adjust it on my phone as I go so I can keep everyone up to date if you want to add anything to my boxes (wink wink) mostly I know I will be missing my grandmas cards of encouragement but I know she will be there with my dad too helping me get across this trail!

I have also nailed down my gear to a base weight of 17 lbs! I would like to still get at least 1 or 2 lbs out of that but I won’t know truly what I can get rid of until I start walking! You can see my gear list and breakdown on lighter

Here are some more pictures of just my food and water while on trail the last couple weeks while practicing! Surprisingly, I ate much less than I anticipated which is a little hard to judge on just a 3 day or 2 day trip vs 3 months. I will have to adjust and change some things up as I go. We will see its all a learning experience at this point!

-Happy trails 13 days and counting!

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