First solo overnight and packing! 

So as much time as I’ve spent outside in my life I had not slept outside alone ever until the other night! I created the route on my computer and then put it on my gps plus I had paper maps and a compass for practice too!

Here is a shot of my map reading and checking in on the gps during lunch!

Since this was the first time I had made a route for myself and I was making it a loop so I could get back to my car …. I made it a little too loopy and only did about half of what I had made but more than the area really had to offer. I was still so proud of what I had done as  I was 100% alone and only saw 2 guys coming  back to their car in the morning when I was going out and 1 other guy on the way back to his car the morning I came back out too…but he was on the other side so I  literally saw no one! Kinda cool and kinda weird at the same time.

My campsite for the night in my tent a Nemo Hornet 2 Person (its a tight 2 person)
Me in my tent relaxing!

I was surprised at how natural things felt. I  had all these preconceived ideas in my head that I would be scared, that sounds would wake me up or that I wouldn’t be able to sleep but I did! Maybe it was from how tired I was and there just weren’t any sounds besides birds but…it still felt remarkably easy for what I had envisioned in my head.

The waterfall I collected my water from!

I woke up to rain the next morning which was good practice for being wet and drying everything out!

I was intending to go to a second location after my 2 days there but the weather just wasn’t cooperating and I was still in shock from my grandma passing that I headed back home! All in all a great day in the woods!


Until next time! Happy Trails!

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