It runs in the family! 

Your own history can be what makes you or defines you. Don’t let it hold you back. There are a million reasons someone could say I’m doing this hike for my dad because he wasn’t able to, and or because I know he would have jumped to do it with me even today but I am doing it for me and I am so happy my mom and sister will be joining me in the beginning! 

I’ve said before it’s in my DNA and I 100% think that is true. Funny story about my mom ….my mom was climbing Mount Baker and kept saying “I don’t know why I am so tired…” and a week or so later she found out she was climbing for 2! She was pregnant with me! 

So I get all of my adventure and passion for the outdoors and life from not just my dad but from my mom and entire family too! It runs in the family ! 

This winter my mom has become my favorite hiking partner! We’ve done a ton of snowshoeing and short hikes! She is a truly incredible lady! She has had both her knees replaced and multiple other shoulder and ankle injuries but she keeps on going just for her love of being outside! Her best trait is she literally never gets angry or frustrated even when I accidentally take her on a 9 mile trail! 

2 thoughts on “It runs in the family! 

  1. O Analeise! I love your story and your tribute to your Mom and all the cute pictures of you two, stove, cocoa cups and mountain beauty!

    Very nice!

    Love from Gram And Grampa-pa,💕💕💕💕

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  2. So glad to have seen you today, Analeise and to see the pictures here. Your mother was adventurous too, as she bicycled all the way across the country while in junior high! Can’t wait to follow your hike. Sure wish I could do it!! Fran

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