First day hike! 🌲👣🌲

I got to hike another section of the PNT and participate in the “First Day Hike” for the new year! It was a short little section but so great to get out there and meet up with some of the PNT association members and leaders! There was a good group of us out to support the trail and be part of the “First Day Hike” as well! So great to see so many people of all ages out enjoying the trails and getting inspired by it at any age. 

The section we did started at Cranberry Lake. We walked across the beach back and forth from trail to the beach again until we passed under Deception Pass bridge where we started on the Goose Rock trail. It was beautiful and so fun to be on part of the trail knowing I will be on this very section again so soon! 

Getting to talk to some other thru hikers and representatives for the trail was so inspiring! You never really know if you are prepared enough but they confirmed I am very much ready! All I need to do is continue to practice as much as I can before June! Continue to keep my weight down and continue to go over my maps and my plan is key. 

I also got to shoot with my new camera that a very very good friend gave to me for Christmas and it was so incredible to shoot with a real SLR again. I was in heaven ! Being able to do both my passions all together makes me the happiest girl in the world! 

Here are some of the shots from the day and my great friend Amanda who loves to join me on the trails! 

            🌲👣🌲 Happy Trails 🌲👣🌲

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